On a hot summer night in Tampa, Jack Burcher climbed out his bedroom window to lay in the wildflower field and watch the stars. This night was very different. He witnessed his mother's abduction. With the police and FBI by the phone waiting for the ransom call, on the next night Jack sneaked out of his bedroom again. Afraid and confused, he had to return to his special place. To his surprise the sinister visitor stood in the shadows and night fog by the gates. He left a box. Only Jack's mother's heart is returned to the family.

Thirty-three years later someone takes his dying father out of a high-security sanitorium. The next night another box is delivered to the gates of the Burcher estate. Inside is his father's brain. But this time is different. Jack Burcher is the Chief Medical Examiner for Hillsborough County.

The FBI knows they are hunting the worst kind of serial killer. Now they must investigate three generations of Burcher family deaths to find where the killing trail begins. And they must talk to their only eyewitness, the ten-year-old boy with suppressed fears and pent-up rage. Time is running out. Dr. Jack Burcher is in the killer's sights.


New Release June 1, 2020

​​F  O  R  E  N  S  I  C     M  Y  S  T  E  R  Y     T  H  R  I  L  L  E  R  S

S T E V E   B R A D S H A W

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Steve Bradshaw

The President of the United States is awakened by the two words he prayed he would never hear. Can world-renowned forensic sleuth Elliott Sumner follow the international blood trail and help the POTUS avert World War III?



A veiled invader commandeers a U.S. nuclear missile silo in North Dakota and threatens to launch a Minuteman III ICBM. To avoid a nuclear war the President's only option is containment. A strike on our own Minot nuclear arsenal will neutralize the enemy but decimate most of the Great Plains and central Canada at a cost of millions of civilian lives.

Only the world-renowned forensic sleuth Dr. Elliott Sumner has a chance to untangle a macabre blood trail that could possibly identify the invader and give the President more options. Can Elliott Sumner solve a grisly international puzzle or is a nuclear Armageddon the only possible outcome for an unimagineable TERMINAL BREACH?