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Steve on hiatus  from Show on book tour promoting The Bell Trilogy. If you would like Steve to visit your organization to talk about forensic investigation, innovative biotechnology and his suspense/thriller series, send inquiries to

You can here Steve Fridays @ 3:00 p.m. on the
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I think you're going to like the emerging Bell Trilogy of fringe-science, mystery/thriller novels. The story is about the billionaire Bell family that becomes lost in a world of unlimited privilege. A dream becomes an obsession that turns into a nightmare.
     Forty years later a world renowned forensic pathologist Elliott Sumner discovers he is linked to a serial killer and they carry a secret to life worth killing for. Elliott’s riveting journey takes him across three continents in the brilliant, forensic pursuit of real monsters as he untangles mysteries of lineage and an astonishing genetic engineering experiment, and discovers a secret society of billionaires in pursuit of biogenic immortality—Gilgamesh.  

     Defined by rare gifts and a life of abandonment Elliott must follow the blood trail where it leads and overcome the impossible, or the most magnificent evolutionary leap of mankind is lost.







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