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World-renowned forensic sleuth, Dr. Elliott Sumner, gets the call. Examination of a macabre collection of mutilated corpses found in the wilderness  may be the only way to identify GRAY WOLF, and give the POTUS more options. Can Sumner solve the grisly international forensic puzzle, or is a nuclear Armageddon the only outcome for the unimaginable terminal breach?   


The President of the United States is awakened by the two words he prayed he would never hear … TERMINAL BREACH

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An unknown invader, code name GRAY WOLF, commandeers a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota and threatens to launch a Minuteman III ICBM. To avoid nuclear war, the President's only containment option is to obliterate the Midwestern United States nuclear arsenal at a cost of millions of civilian lives.

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Steve Bradshaw

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