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New Anthology Now Available

 JOURNEYS is a collection of short stories by Southern Authors writing about journeys of the heart and mind. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful anthology. You can only purchase JOURNEYS from a member author for $12.95 plus shipping. If you are interested, send me a note at I will provide information and see that you get your copy or copies of this first edition collection of short stories.


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An utterly plausible genetic solution for immortality woven into a heart-pounding epic battle between good and evil


The Bell Trilogy
...three book series chronicles a family of great privilege harboring an unimaginable secret and a dream that turns into a global nightmare. Elliott Sumner struggles to rectify his abandoned beginnings and unusual, innate gifts. Forty years later the world-renowned forensic pathologist meets the serial killer he hunts, and discovers they are linked in ways that have profound implications

...details Elliott’s chilling forensic pursuit of a horrific monster of urban legend, and his unraveling of a century-old mystery. His veiled past is revealed with unthinkable consequences for the world.

...goes deeper into unfathomable realms of wealth and power where Elliott uncovers a secret society of billionaires determined to control immortality—Gilgamesh. Narcissistic board members are mysteriously terminated on three continents by a killer with terrifying skills. Gilgamesh believes Elliott learned of his nefarious origin and suspects he is their executioner. Stealth assassins are deployed. From the shadows, Elliott follows the blood trail in a frantic search for answers.

BLOOD LIONS where the shocking pieces of a criminal and evil puzzle fall into place. The culmination of events manifests a breakthrough discovery—the biogenic solution for life extension. A decimated Gilgamesh is resurrected; their mission to control mankind’s greatest evolutionary leap moves at an even bloodier pace. Elliott comes into possession of the heralded biologic and must achieve the seemingly impossible task of infusing the world population, while avoiding death by Gilgamesh. 


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