Steve Bradshaw

 "My greatest compliment is when I am told my 100,000  word novel was read in two days. I strive to make your experience riveting and worthwhile." 

Bringing MY unique combination of expertise to mystery/thrillers

"After investigating several hundred homicides, I know real monsters exist. The first step is to understand they are out there. Then we find and remove them from society."

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Steve received his BA (Pre-med) degree from the University of Texas in Austin and trained at the Institute of Forensic Science in Dallas. As one of seven Field Agents for the Medical Examiner's Office, Steve investigated over 3,000 unexplained deaths including more than 300 homicides. Later he pursued his biomedical interests with the Becton Dickenson Company and the medical device businesses of the Dow Corning Corporation. Steve participated at executive levels in the development of leading-edge medical technology that advanced healthcare around the world. As the founder-president/CEO and visionary for Active Implants Corporation, Steve raised more than $25 million and led identification, acquisition, and development of innovative pliable-structured medical devices for early intervention and less invasive treatment of degenerative joint conditions. Currently the AIC artificial meniscus is in U.S. clinical studies under FDA review. In 2010 Steve took his life experiences and dedicates his attentions to writing his unique brand of pulse-pounding mystery thrillers.

"Every amazing technology advance I write about I have thoroughly researched. It exists or will. The world we live in is changing exponentially."

"I put my audience on the front row in fascinating worlds of modern forensics, fringe science, and the chilling pursuit of real monsters."

Steve Bradshaw   


"Forensics . . . infusion of scientific method into our legal system is one of the most defining advances of modern civilization."

S T E V E   B R A D S H A W

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