Can Chicago Homicide Detective Aaron Wolfe uncover the secret force on a reckless mission to remedy a failing criminal justice system? Can he stop a skull-crushing beast terrorizing the city? Or will Wolfe succumb to his scars and let a new kind of justice into his city of predators?

S T E V E   B R A D S H A W

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A family of privilege harbors an unimaginable secret that turns into an international nightmare. Dr. Elliott Sumner struggles to rectify abandoned beginnings and profound genetic gifts. Forty years later paths of the world-renowned forensic sleuth and a genius serial killer cross. They discover they carry a secret to life people kill for. Can Elliott Sumner stop a monster and foil a hundred-year-old sinister plan? Will the greatest leap for mankind be controlled by the few, or will it be lost forever?



ON THE KNIFE'S EDGE Box Set is four carefully selected thrilling tales written by four of the talented GRIFFYN INK authors. If you love mysteries, fringe-science, and roller-coaster rides in fascinating worlds, then you will love this chilling buffet of suspense this summer. Don't miss out!

Steve Bradshaw


Classified U.S. government paranormal research and an inconceivable bid for global dominance become an electrifying struggle between world powers and one man. Do we have a psychic-weapon of mass destruction?


The hunt for a genius serial killer turns into an epic battle for control of the greatest evolutionary leap for mankind